What are we all about?

Career insight is dedicated to education and empowering undergraduates in their career development by connecting them to the right company to leverage their career to the top. One that focuses on providing insights to students as what their career holds. Our goal is to ensure that individuals are not stranded in making decisions as what career to venture in.

We help students connect to companies that help give them an insight into what their career looks like and be sure they are taking the right step towards the fulfillment of their goal. At career insight, we help build the future with the present by connecting the dots.

  • We focus on what you want
  • Satisfaction and insight guaranteed.
  • Updated career data to assist you
  • Direct contact with professionals
  • We provide best tools ever!

Why we do it?

A happy career is a happy life.

My name is Guled Dualle. I refer to myself as the “Insight Catalyst”. I help students connect early with their future.

I am the CIO (Chief Insight officer) of Career Insight, as for me, entrepreneurship is not a job, it’s a calling, a way of life and has been my interest for a long period of time.

My desire to startup Career Insight was birthed from the imagination to help students choose their career wisely and live a fulfilled and happy life they can look back upon and be proud of the decisions they have made.

How we got started

How much of an advantage would it be to gain insight into your future before making a life changing decision?

Career insight is the brain child of Guled Dualle. A Socio-innovator that help create project, which was born out of the passion to ensure that undergraduates have the best possible insight into what the labor markets holds for them.

He saw the urgent need to bridge the gap between fulfillment and regret in choice of a career. He decide to start career insights so that this vision will be achieved. Career insight is a movement against unhealthy working environment.

Young people need to have a career leveraging platform to serve as a guide and have a personal feel of what their future career prospects hold. I noticed that there was no platform to do these; hence I decided to create one.