Finding your passion and incorporating that with choosing your major

It can be immensely difficult for people to make a clear decision of who they want to be and what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Although there might be some people who have always had a clear vision of their professional life right from the start, other people might find it difficult to truly know for sure in which field or career their passion lies. When you find your passions, it gets quite easy when it comes to finally choosing your major. And it is only logical that you pick a major that coincides directly with your passion.

Find your own vision, not someone else’s:

It is very important for you to find your own vision in life. If you want to find out what your passion is then it is also important for you to imagine your life 30, 40, or 60 years from now.

Your career is a series of stepping stones, not a linear path:

One huge thing that can lead to mistaken ambition for a lot of students is that they envision their careers as a straight linear path with no bends. This is not exactly how it is in real life. Careers are fork roads with lots of bends, both sideways and up and down. You might think a career is working for you or will work for you at some point and suddenly you might find that another career might benefit you more than you think initially. Life is a journey; the only way you can make it far is if you allow yourself to learn from it.

Go for an internship:

Internships are great for finding your true passions. Most companies allow young students to apply for internships even if their qualifications are low. Think of internships as non-paying jobs where not only will you learn the ins and outs of the field but you will also gain important experience that will most definitely benefit you if you choose to major and then eventually go forward in that particular career. Some companies will also hire the very same interns they have working for them when their internship programs are completed. Going for an internship is also an excellent way of knowing whether or not your passions truly lie in a field, if the internship excites you, you feel good going to work every day, what you’re learning is truly interesting, and it is allowing you to grow then yes, that field is for you and you should pick a major in accordance with that internship.

Know that building a career you love can be a lifelong process:

One thing many students fail to realize (which directly disables their ability to choose a major) is that although you might choose a major today, and you start pursuing a field that you decide, building that career can take many many many years.

Use these tips to find out what your passion is and choose that as your major.